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Durable Medical Equipment 

MediRest, Inc. was founded to raise the standard of care for people in need of medical assistance. To do this, we assembled a team of clinicians to help provide the most appropriate equipment for the best prices.


Healthcare professionals providing healthcare equipment… a unique approach that helps reduce cost
and improve the lives of our citizens.

Specialty Equipment

Being able to walk safely and without pain can easily be taken for granted. For people with conditions impairing that ambulation, every step can be painful and dangerous and can lead to inactivity and physical decline. One of the goals at MediRest is to help our customers maintain their independent walking with the proper use of ambulatory aids.


Having the best walker or cane can mean the difference between safe, pain free ambulation and becoming wheelchair bound or having falls. Our staff clinicians will gladly help you select the safest and most appropriate product from our wide selection of the top ambulation aids.


  • Shower Chairs and Bath Benches
  • Elevated Toilet Seats
  • Bedside Commodes
Bedside Commodes
grab bars
bath benches
  • Grab Bars
  • Toilet and Tub Safety Rails
  • Reachers and Grabbers
  • Crutches 
Most falls and injuries occur in the home and almost all can be prevented with the correct safety equipment. Call us for a free in-home safety assessment.
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