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Complex Rehab Chairs

Durable Medical Equipment 

MediRest, Inc. was founded to raise the standard of care for people in need of medical assistance. To do this, we assembled a team of clinicians to help provide the most appropriate equipment for the best prices.


Healthcare professionals providing healthcare equipment… a unique approach that helps reduce cost
and improve the lives of our citizens.

Complex Rehab

Our staff is specially trained and certified to assess the needs of those who require more complex services and equipment to meet the challenges of everyday life. Our on-staff Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) will meet with the client and family as well as the physician and other clinicians to determine specific needs and functions of the individual consumer. Call today to begin your journey towards independence.

  • Custom Manual Lightweight
  • Adult Tilt in Space
  • Powered Seating Options
  • Alternative Drive Controls
tilt and recline rehap chair
rehab chair
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