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Durable Medical Equipment 

MediRest, Inc. was founded to raise the standard of care for people in need of medical assistance. To do this, we assembled a team of clinicians to help provide the most appropriate equipment for the best prices.


Healthcare professionals providing healthcare equipment… a unique approach that helps reduce cost
and improve the lives of our citizens.


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Lift chairs can be a big help to those who can walk, but are unable to stand up from a seated position. A lift chair can also benefit clients that have poor control when returning to a seated position and fall backwards rather than sitting down safely.
Lift chairs come in many styles, colors and price ranges. We offer powered lift chairs and non-powered, portable lift assisting devices for every level of need. Come see and test the latest styles of lift chairs in our Homewood showroom.

lift chair
  • 24 Models to fit every size. Customized for a perfect fit
  • 33 Gorgeous fabric choices including suede and ultra leather Brisa
  • Sit and recline or lift and stand with the touch of a button
  • Heat and massage are available
  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Five models featuring MaxiComfort Zero-Gravity Positioning Technology
lift chair
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